Email & Marketing Automation — Simplified

Just because it’s critical to your business doesn’t mean it has to be complicated.

A Comprehensive Marketing Platform

Real Magnet fully integrates the capabilities you need to create effective cross-channel marketing campaigns.

What Makes Us Different?

We’re always challenging convention.

We don’t think Marketing Automation should be only for Fortune 500 companies. With 15 years of ESP and deliverability expertise, we offer a unique marketing platform that offers a radically different, more simple approach to Marketing.

Are we like the other guys? Nope.

Real Insights Blog

  • Marketing Management System

The Power of a Marketing Management System

That's why today's department leaders need to deploy a dedicated marketing management system and move away from the uncoordinated flurry of apps that define so many operations. Here are a few of the key advantages that such a system brings to the table.

Infographic: Social Media Marketing – Tips for More Leads

Modern marketers need to be experts of social media in order to maximize their lead generation efforts, regardless of their industries and target markets.

Infographic: Email Marketing vs Marketing Automation

Email has ruled the world of digital marketing for nearly two decades, and its influence is still real. However, sending email blasts isn't as effective as it once was, leading marketers to explore new tactics and technologies.

Don’t Overlook Your Biggest Asset: Existing Customers

It’s no surprise that growing companies have new customers on their mind. Naturally, if you want to build your business, you need to attract new prospects and nurture them along the sales journey. In fact, generating more leads that are qualified is the number one perceived benefit of marketing automation software, according to a survey of more than 50,000 B2B marketers from Pepper Group.