Email & Marketing Automation — Simplified

Just because it’s critical to your business doesn’t mean it has to be complicated.

A Comprehensive Marketing Platform

Real Magnet fully integrates the capabilities you need to create effective cross-channel marketing campaigns.

Dramatically improve the effectiveness of your marketing. By automating repetitive tasks, you’ll save time, money, and create more engaging content for your recipients.Learn More
Our intuitive interface, strong deliverability and advanced analytics enable marketers to reach inboxes and mobile devices with minimum effort and maximum results.Learn More
Write once, publish everywhere – inboxes, phones, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Unprecedented analytics compares which channels work best and when.Learn More

Events & Surveys

Real Magnet’s Events & Survey Module dramatically improves the management process by integrating all of the tools needed to execute them in one powerful technology platform.

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What Makes Us Different?

We’re always challenging convention.

We don’t think Marketing Automation should be only for Fortune 500 companies. With 15 years of ESP and deliverability expertise, we offer a unique marketing platform that offers a radically different, more simple approach to Marketing.

Are we like the other guys? Nope.

Real Insights Blog

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Does Your Organization Utilize These Email Marketing Essentials?

Email has long held its position as a staple of the modern marketing mix, withstanding the test of time as a wider range of channels emerge from the digital revolution. However, the methods of email content development and distribution have evolved dramatically, with recipient expectations rising along with increased competition in the average consumer inbox. It is now necessary for campaign strategists to revamp their approaches to this longstanding format and adjust their efforts to meet a higher standard of personalization and value.
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Why Personalization Is Crucial For Marketing Success

For years, marketing strategists have watched as digital, consumer-centric campaign strategies won out over more traditional forms of outreach and communication. Now, the transformation is nearly complete, as leading brands develop and leverage power marketing tactics that capitalize on first-party consumer data.
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Boost Email Inbox Engagement With These Tactics

As the war for the email inbox rages on, marketers are growing more determined to outwit their competitors and optimize their initiatives for opens, clicks and conversions. This means that strategists are employing cutting-edge technologies and tactics with regularity and boldness, and those that stagnate in their efforts to innovate will likely fall out of the running.
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Real Magnet Marketing Automation for Startups

Real Magnet is pleased to announce Real Magnet for Startups, a unique opportunity for Startups to gain the awareness- and growth-acceleration benefits of marketing automation and professional marketing advice.