Email & Marketing Automation — Simplified

Just because it’s critical to your business doesn’t mean it has to be complicated.

A Comprehensive Marketing Platform

Real Magnet fully integrates the capabilities you need to create effective cross-channel marketing campaigns.

What Makes Us Different?

We’re always challenging convention.

We don’t think Marketing Automation should be only for Fortune 500 companies. With 15 years of ESP and deliverability expertise, we offer a unique marketing platform that offers a radically different, more simple approach to Marketing.

Are we like the other guys? Nope.

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Are you equipped with the right digital marketing tools?

Today's business dynamics are more digital than ever before, especially in the marketing arena. Gaining a competitive edge for audience attention is an ongoing challenge, demanding a range of new resources, technologies and tactics. Here are a few of the key components that must be a part of any modern marketing effort, and some tips on how to maximize their impact.
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Marketers Must Focus on Customer Experience

Business analysts continue to cite customer experience as the next competitive battleground of the modern enterprise, changing the way companies approach all consumer-facing operations. From sales to customer service, a focus on experience is all-encompassing, and this means that marketing is also included in the mix. Still, marketers are striving to figure out what makes for an exceptional experience, especially when targeting prospective customers and building loyalty.
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Content Is King: Why You Need A Content Marketing Strategy

This is the essence of content marketing, perhaps the most popular inbound tactic adopted thus far. As an infographic from Demand Metric recently pointed out, 90 percent of organizations use some form of content to market their products and services. However, far fewer companies take a strategic and measured approach to this style of marketing,
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Infographic: The Anatomy of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is booming because of its vast potential. When done correctly, social media marketing can raise awareness of your brand, increase loyalty, inform potential customers, and establish an online presence that is more necessary than ever before. Here’s the breakdown of what effective social media marketing looks like.