We’ve noticed a trend as of late of customers demanding more in terms of the graphic look and design of their emails.  This is a good thing.  Clearly email is a powerful transactional tool (i.e. driving recipients to take an action), but it has become an incredibly important branding touch point also. 

To help meet these demands, Real Magnet has implemented a new way to create messages in MagnetMail – we call it Active Preview.  As the name suggests, one of its benefits is the ability to see a basic preview of the message as you’re creating it.

The other benefits may be more profound. Active Preview templates are made up of discrete content blocks. Each block can take on different attributes based on your requirements.  So in one template, you can have the flexibility of an HTML (WYSIWYG) editor for certain sections, and a more controlled “locked down” approach for other sections.  In addition, sections can be cloned and deleted, giving users huge amounts of flexibility to alter the structure of the template on a moment’s notice.   Finally, Active Preview templates employ drag-and-drop technology so it’s easy to move sections within the template.

Here’s a quick overview of how the Active Preview templates operate.  We love customer feedback so please keep it coming!