Google is known for keeping features in beta for what seems like perpetuity.  Gmail recently came out of beta and now some of their experimental features are being rolled out to all users.  One of the most notable features for those conducting email marketing is the ability for recipients to play Youtube videos directly within the message itself.  This opens up the prospect of doing a targeted  campaign with a video component to all the Gmail users on your list.

The utility of this is endless, you could include video recaps of previously held programs,  product feature demonstrations, instructional videos or any other type of video content.  By including videos, you will create a richer and more engaging message.  Gmail automatically inserts the video by default, so all that is needed in the message is a hyperlink to the video on Youtube.  The videos will be shown at the bottom of the message.  If your organization already uses Youtube to host your video content, this is a win-win scenario.