Last week I opened my inbox to find this card from my alma mater wishing me a happy birthday:


That’s not exactly true. It wasn’t my university that sent me the card. Nor was it some industrious and attentive individual in the alumni affairs office hand-coding me an email on my special day. Rather, it was a script on my university’s email server, dutifully following instructions someone had programmed into it.

But it was fun to think – for a moment – that my university remembered me and wanted to wish me well (and with flashy sparkles, even!). It was a magic trick, and it got me. Magic tricks are effective because they encourage people to willfully suspend disbelief. You don’t really think that woman in the box has actually been sawed in half, but it’s fun to release logic for an instant, and enjoy a child’s imagination. And when you do a trick right, you open a connection with your audience – like my university did with me. As email marketers, we’re all in the business of opening connections, so the fun of magic is serious business.

The trick behind this curtain is what we call a Campaign in MagnetMail, or an Event-Triggered Message. You can read about Campaigns in MagnetMail Help. Campaigns are automated responses that are generated by an action you designate. For example, you can set up a Campaign to automatically send a follow-up message to people who click on a link in a message. Or a Campaign could automatically nudge subscribers who haven’t yet filled out the survey you sent them. Campaigns could send a series of reminder messages in advance of a company’s annual dues payment, or automatically notify the subscribers in a group when event early registration deadlines are looming. Sometimes Campaigns save you some labor; and sometimes they add an incremental and valuable touchpoint – like magic.

Contact your account manager to learn more about how you can use MagnetMail Campaigns. You’re on your own for the flashy sparkles though.