Many business are dipping their toes into social media to further their marketing reach.  Using Twitter to test the waters is a good way to start reaching out in the social media space. I’ve included two tips from Social Media Today on their twitter best practices.  Outside of these tips, my suggestion is too create valuable content in any of your social media channels.  If you engage your audience with relevant and interesting content, you will be able to extend your reach into the social space and become a valued and credible source.

Tips from Social Media Today:

Desperately Following
If you’re following hundreds of people and only a few dozen are following back doesn’t that send a message that you desperately want followers but aren’t getting them? Why not be patient and never let your Following count get more than 10 percent higher than your Followers account?

Mostly Self-Promotional
Too much “me, me, me” talk will mark you as boring … or worse. Add value for others on Twitter and more followers will come. Mention your business or services only when you’ve been asked or in direct response to a stated need. If you consistently give, you’re followers will do the same and your good behavior will be well rewarded.

For more tips, please visit their article:  10 Newbie Twitter Mistakes Made By Businesses

If you have any tips you’d care to share with our readers on how to successfully use Twitter in marketing endeavors, leave them in the comments!