Real Magnet’s Template Library is comprised of more than 60 eye-catching, easy-to-use templates.  It is a free feature that offers a variety of template options in the following categories:

  • Business
  • Associations
  • Communications
  • Holiday & Special Events
  • Technology
  • Finance
  • Healthcare

To create a message using a Template Library template, go to the Messages Home Page by clicking the Messages tab.  Input a name for your message in the text box beneath the Create New Message header and click the GO button.

On the Template Selection page, click the Template Library link in the left navigation pane and you’re taken to the Template Library Selection page.  Here the six different template categories are presented. Click one time on a category and the page expands to display the templates available in that category.


For each template, you are presented with these options:

  • Select  – Selects the template and takes you to the message content editor
  • Preview – Shows a preview of a message that uses template
  • Add to defaults – Adds the template as an option on your normal template page

Click the Select button that corresponds to the template you want to use and you’re taken to a new message with the template applied to it.


All Template Library templates use Real Magnet’s Active Preview technology.  These templates are made up of discrete content zones.  For example, the message above is comprised of these zones:

  • Share This
  • Banner
  • Message Title
  • Introduction and Logo
  • Article Title
  • Article Content
  • Sidebar Title
  • Sidebar Content
  • Physical Address
  • Follow Us

Double click on any zone and you are presented with an editor for adding your own and removing the existing content.

Active Preview Template

As you see, each zone is populated with default content.  This content is really there and if you don’t remove it, it will be included in your message.  Be sure to replace or clear out the content you don’t want in your message!


Each template includes two features related to social networking:

  • Share This – Share This leverages Real Magnet’s Share With Your Network (SWYN) technology, which enables your recipients to post your content on their social sites.  Effective use of SWYN can multiply the exposure of your message across more than 50 social networks, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  Nothing needs to be done to activate Share This; it’s fully enabled behind the Share This image.  Click here to learn more about Share This. If you don’t want to include this feature in your message, simply click the Delete icon.
  • Follow Us – Images in this zone can take recipients to YOUR social sites.  We’ve included images for Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In, but you can add others as well.  IT IS CRITICAL TO NOTE THAT THERE ARE NO LINKS BEHIND THESE IMAGES.  YOU MUST ADD LINKS TO YOUR SOCIAL SITES BY DOUBLE CLICKING ON EACH IMAGE AND ADDING THE CORRECT LINK (see screenshot below).  If you don’t want Follow Us included in your message, delete the entire zone by clicking the delete icon in the upper right corner.  You can also delete individual images by double clicking on an image and selecting the Clear link in the pop-in window.

Social Sharing

A key attribute of Active Preview Templates is the ability to easily delete and copy zones.  This is accomplished by selecting the Copy icon Copy or delete icon Delete Icon located at the top of each zone.

You can also move zones within the message using drag-and-drop technology.  Say for example that you’re creating a newsletter with 3 articles.  You’ve used the Copy function to create new Article Title and Article Content Zones for articles 2 and 3.  But now you want to move article 3 to the article 1 spot.  No problem.  Simply drag and drop the 3rd article’s title and content zones to your desired location and the message is good to go.

In the left side navigation pane, you’re presented with a number of important options.  By default, you’re brought into the message in the Edit HTML mode.  This allows you to edit the HTML version of the message.  The other options under HTML include Preview Message and Spam Checker.

Under the Text link, you have the option to edit the text version (Edit Text) and preview the text version (Preview Text).

Click Add New Zone and a link for each zone is displayed.  By clicking a link, a copy of that specific zone is added to the message (with the original default content).  The main purpose of this feature is to provide the option for adding a zone if there is no instance of that zone left in the message.  Let’s say you deleted the Banner Zone and decided later that you wanted it back in.  Once it’s gone, you can’t click the Copy icon to add a copy of it, right?  It’s not there!  Well now you can with the Add New Zone functionality.

This completes the tutorial on Real Magnet’s Template Library.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact customer support by emailing or calling 301-652-5074.