David DSerious marketers measure their results. Why? So they know how they did! I personally don’t consider someone a marketer if they are not paying a lot of attention to a few key things. These include:

Know the precise outcome they are trying to create and have mapped out each step they need someone in their target market to take to complete it. Whether it is buying a product, registering for a conference, or simply downloading a free resource, smart marketers will have determined each step in the process and identified the specific actions their prospects must take to complete it.

They develop marketing campaigns that address those specific steps and have clearly identifiable metrics for success in each step. They ask before an email is sent or mail is dropped, “How will we know it caused people to take our next step? What will it look like? How can we measure it?”

They use technology to test messages with a sample of their list, measure impact, adjust, and then deploy to their full list. It has never been easier to conduct simple split tests of e-mail marketing messages, for example, to determine which language, design or call to action is going to perform better before hitting your entire list with the message. It’s almost malfeasance not to test, given the ease of doing so!

Finally, serious marketers shoot for success, not perfection. They don’t try to measure everything; they measure just those things they can control and know indicate success and failure. They also avoid analysis paralysis and have a significant bias toward taking action. They know when to break a rule if it is slowing you down from getting something out the door and isn’t contributing significant value.

Here’s the secret: we all have the capacity to be serious marketers. It’s never been easier or more cost effective. It is now a matter of personal and organizational discipline.

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By C. David Gammel, CAE, president of High Context Consulting and author of the book, “Online and On Mission: Practical Web Strategy for Breakthrough Results.” You may contact David at david@highcontext.com.