A few days ago, I met one of our most engaged customers.  He’s an avid user of our event registration module and wanted to set up a new account.  I handed him a standard contract, which was recently updated to include a listing of ALL of features that can be turned on and off in Real Magnet.  He was floored when he saw it!  He had no idea that many of these features even existed.

Did you know that an email containing summary tracking information can be triggered to you, your team members, and supervisors at a time you determine (e.g. 2 hours, 3 hours, etc.) after a message is sent?  How about the ability to “link unsubscribe groups” so that if a recipient unsubscribes to one group, he or she is automatically unsubscribed from other groups?

The Real Magnet application is chock-full of helpful features just like these and they’re listed below.  I strongly encourage you to take 5 minutes to peruse these lists (one is for free items, the other is for items with a cost) and the odds are you’ll find a few gems that can save you time and/or make your email marketing more effective.

View Real Magnet’s Free Features (Download PDF Version)

View Real Magnet’s Pay-For Features (Download PDF Version)

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