How many times have you created an event and wished you had the ability to allow the user to choose how much to give or pay? This has been a high priority request from our customers and we wanted to say we’ve heard you!

This morning we released a dynamic pricing feature in our Events Module. This relatively small change greatly enhances the module’s effectiveness as a fund-raising/donation engine. Dynamic pricing gives registrants the flexibility to input any dollar amount they want into an item’s payment field.  The dynamic pricing option can be free-standing (e.g. “Please enter your contribution”) or used in conjunction with other pre-defined payment choices (“Select your payment option: $50, $75, $100, or other”).

Here’s an example of how Wikipedia (not a Real Magnet customer but we wish they were!) offers this option.


Here is an example taken from our system:

6-23-2010 2-23-56 PM

In addition to donation or fund-raising pages, “pay what you will experiments” are currently in vogue as well. Determine the value of what your clients are willing to pay for your items along with suggested prices. Panera Bread is trying this out and if this experiment is deemed a success, it’ll be rolled out to multiple locations and I’ll be first in line!

Interested in learning more about Real Magnet’s Event’s module? Contact us by sending an email or calling 301-652-4025 ext. 131.