For various reasons, some of you have lost message content while working in Real Magnet. We realize how frustrating this is and have made changes to reduce, if not eliminate, these occurrences. Specifically, autosave and a process for recovering content upon accidental log out has been added to Real Magnet.

Autosave Feature

As the name implies, the new autosave feature automatically saves your content. It does so every two minutes. By default, autosave is off. To enable it, simply select the “on” option from the autosave pull-down menu in the upper left corner of the WYSIWYG editor. Autosave is currently enabled with our WYSIWYG blank templates and not with Active Preview, Copy/Paste or our Plug and Play templates. This setting is defined on a user basis (i.e. you can have it on and your colleague can have it off) and Real Magnet will remember your setting each time you log in.

Auto-Save Screen

You’ll also notice that when content is saved (either manually by clicking the Save button or via autosave), it does so in a more seamless fashion. Before, you’d see the entire edit page refresh. Now, instead, you’ll see the language in the “Save” button change to “Saving…” And perhaps more importantly, a “Last Saved” time stamp is displayed adjacent to the “Save” button showing the last point in time at which the content was saved.

Session Recovery

The second part of the upgrade is a process for protecting your content against accidental log outs. Previously, if you were logged out, you’d be thrown back to the log in page and any content that wasn’t saved was lost. With this enhancement, our system will detect that you are no longer logged in and will guide you through the process of logging back in, WITHOUT LEAVING THE EDITING PAGE! You’ll be logged in on the editing page where you can immediately save your content and go back to work.  Just follow the steps outlined in the screen shots below to restore your session.

Step 1: Session Log out/Expiration Screen

A pop up window will appear notifying you that you’ve been accidentally logged out.  Select the Click “here” link in Step 1.

Session Restore First

Step 2: Log in Screen

Enter your log in information in the pop-up window.

Session Restore 23

Step 3: Return and Close Session Log out/Expiration Screen

You’re taken back to the Session Log out/Expiration Screen.  Close it by clicking the “x” in the upper right corner.

Session Restore First

Step 4: Save Your Work!

Once back at the editor, SAVE YOUR WORK and you’re good to go. With Autosave and Session Restore, your message and hard work is well protected.

Step 33

If you have any questions about this upgrade, please contact us at or call 301-652-5074.

— End of tutorial —