Real Magnet is gearing up to release a mobile tool kit that provides a mobile web version of your message, mobile tracking analytics and enhanced mobile email deliverability testing.  The mobile field is dynamic and innovating in many diverse areas.  In David Gammel’s piece below, he explains how your cellphone might eventually become your mobile wallet. Stay tuned to Real Insights to learn more about our upcoming mobile release!

We’ve already seen music players and cameras merging with the cellular phone over the past several years. The wallet is not too far behind.

Mobile phones in Europe and Asia are very commonly used like a check card is in the U.S.: a simple and easy way to pay for daily goods and services. Internet connected smart phones allow the devices to be plugged directly into banking or simply charge the payment to the mobile account. It’s like being able to make calls with an American Express card.

In the United States, the American Red Cross drive to raise relief money in response to the Haiti earthquake (which raised millions of dollars in just days with no advertising campaign) is a peek into the future of how organizations will raise funds and collect payments for many goods, services and causes.

A few things to consider about this coming change in the U.S. market:

Mobile communication strategies are critical for driving mobile payments. How will you drive messaging and next actions to the mobile devices of your best members or constituents?
Conferences and trade shows are likely to be key areas for driving impulse payments. Mobile payments allows immediate action even while strolling down an exhibit hall alley.
Your technology and banking infrastructure will need to be prepared for this form of payment and will need to be flexible to take advantage of rapidly evolving technology and purchasing behavior.

By C. David Gammel, CAE, president of High Context Consulting and author of the book, “Online and On Mission: Practical Web Strategy for Breakthrough Results.” You may contact David at