Real Magnet

Tools for Mobile Email – Coming in September!

“Already 64% of key decision makers use their smartphones to check and read their email.” — MarketingSherpa

As the market for mobile devices powers forward, more recipients are viewing your messages on smartphones, iPads, and other gadgets. In September, Real Magnet will release a tool set to help you market more effectively to this expanding group of mobile recipients. These tools for mobile email are comprised of three components:

Mobile Content Creation Tool

You’ll be able to create a mobile version of your message with new content editing tools. With a click, Real Magnet will auto-generate a web version of your message that is optimized for mobile rendering. You’ll have maximum flexibility to edit this mobile-web version according to your own requirements.

Mobile Indicators and Geo-Location Tracking

Real Magnet’s message tracking is expanding to include new metrics on how and where your messages are being viewed. This data can play a critical role in your targeting efforts. For each message, you’ll now see:

On the main tracking page for each message, you’ll see the graphic below.  You can mouse over the pie charts to see percentages and drill down to get the details.

Overview Technical and Geo-Location Display

Mobile Rendering Previews

Just like the email in-box you use on the web (Outlook, Yahoo!, Gmail, etc.), different smartphones will render your HTML messages differently. As part of this release, a rendering preview feature will be added that provides the actual display of your content in the most popular devices, such as iPhones, Blackberrys, Window mobile, and others), so you can avoid design mishaps BEFORE sending your message.

Preview of Blackberry

Preview of iPhone

In the upcoming weeks, more information on the Tools for Mobile Email release will be available right here, so stay tuned!