Now you can access Real Magnet’s world-class email app from within TMA Resources’ Personify AMS.

Real Magnet offers a completely embedded single sign on solution for organizations using Personify. To view a demonstration of how this integration functions, watch the video below:

This integration dramatically simplifies the email marketing work flow of customers using both Real Magnet and Personify. Specifically, the integration let’s you:

  • Upload targeted lists from Personify directly into Real Magnet (no more importing or exporting).
  • Automatically add Real Magnet tracking data to Personify member records (sent date, opened, clicked, unsubscribed, and bounced).
  • Use Real Magnet tracking data in Personify BusinessObjects queries.
  • Automatically update/flag unsubscribes in a members’ Personify Interest Areas.
  • Send individual members a trackable, one-off email or fax.
  • View a member’s full Real Magnet history from their Personify record.

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Why Real Magnet?

With inboxes flooded, you need to be at the top of your game to get the attention of members and prospects. Real Magnet – a leading provider of email services to associations and non-profits – can help you get there.

We Know Associations

Real Magnet is the leading provider of email services to associations and non-profits – and has been since 2002. Today, more than a thousand of these organizations are using Real Magnet for their email and event marketing. In 2004, the ASAE endorsed Real Magnet as the email service provider of choice for its members.

Industry Leading Deliverability

Deliverability is a top priority. We work directly with ISPs, technology partners, filtering organizations, and customers to ensure the highest possible delivery rates. Additionally, deliverability testing tools are built right into the application. Real Magnet is CAN-SPAM compliant, Sender Score Certified, and a member of the Email Sender and Provider Coalition.

Tools For Mobile Email – Coming September 2010

As the market for mobile devices powers forward, more recipients are viewing your messages on iPhones, Blackberrys, and other gadgets. In September, Real Magnet will release a suite of tools to help you market more effectively to mobile recipients. The suite includes new features to create, preview, and track mobile messages.

Reporting and Dashboard Modules

Highly targeted campaigns are more successful than untargeted ones, period. Our Reports and Dashboard Modules give you the tools to identify and generate highly targeted lists. Choose from more than 50 pre-defined reports, or create your own. All reports, pre-defined or customized , can be populated on your personal dashboard.

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