Real Magnet

Tools for Mobile Email: Enhanced Deliverability Testing

A key component of Real Magnet’s Tools for Mobile Email release is Enhanced Deliverability Testing.  Don’t be fooled.  Even though this feature was rolled out as part of the mobile tools package, the functionality goes well beyond mobile!  What distinguishes the new Deliverability Testing package from our classic version is the number of message previews available. By partnering with Litmus, we’re expanding from 9 previews to 34!

Highlights of the Enhanced Deliverability Testing functionality include:

Preview of Blackberry

Preview of iPhone

Enhanced Deliverability Testing demonstrates
the dramatic rendering differences in BlackBerrys and iPhones

The process for submitting a deliverability test is unchanged:

Customers using the classic deliverability testing may continue using the service with no interruption. Naturally, you have the option to upgrade to the enhanced service.  If you’re not using any deliverability testing, you can choose between the classic and enhanced versions.

If you have any questions, please contact our sales team at 301-652-5074 or