Welcome to Mobile Central – your comprehensive resource for information on Real Magnet’s Tools for Mobile Email release. Below you will find video and written tutorials for each feature included in the release. More of your recipients are using mobile devices to interact with emails – a trend that is certain to continue. These tools are designed to help you analyze mobile usage amongst your recipients and take actions to communicate with them more effectively.

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  • Mobile Web Version
    Optimize Content for Mobile Viewing
    New content creation functionality allows you to create a web page of your message that is optimized for mobile viewing.
  • Send to a Group
    New Analytics and Geolocation
    See what devices (PCs, mobile devices, email clients, browser types) recipients are using to view your messages as well as their physical locations. Use these metrics for added insights into recipient behavior and design guidance to optimize your messaging.
  • upload_list
    Enhanced Deliverability Testing
    Real Magnet’s Enhanced Deliverability Testing module expands the number of rendering previews available from 9 to 34, including mobile previews of the iPhone, BlackBerry, iPad, and Windows Mobile.
  • Creating a Message
    Mobile Hybrid Templates
    Hybrid templates provide an easy way to ensure your message renders well on mobile devices as well as PCs.