If your organization is like most others, certain recipients view your emails on a mobile device and others on a PC. And some are viewing them on both! These unpredictable behaviors pose a dilemma to marketers: should the email you send be optimized for mobile or PC viewing (assuming you’re not segmenting on mobile vs. PC viewership and creating separate mobile and PC messages)?

New content creation functionality included in Real Magnet’s Tools for Mobile Email release offers a useful option.  This functionality allows you to create a web page of your message that is optimized for mobile viewing. This mobile version is accessible via a link at the top of the message (see below).  In fact, it’s the same link that recipients click to view the traditional “web version” of the message.  The beauty is that there is only ONE web version link.  If the recipient views your message on a mobile device, it will render the mobile-optimized version.  If it is viewed on a PC, it will render the PC-optimized version…automatically!


Here’s how it operates:

Step 1: Create your email message like you normally would and save.

Step 2: Click “Mobile Version” in the left hand navigation.

Step 3: Real Magnet will auto-generate a mobile version of the message by stripping out images and applying a 100% width attribute to the message.  The latter will size the message content to to fill 100% of the recipient’s mobile display screen, unless an image or table exceeds a mobile device’s screen width (hence, we recommend a width no greater than 240 pixels for images and tables).  You’ll have full flexibility to edit the mobile web version any way you see fit.

Note that if you’re using a template, the template will be removed. Stay tuned for a future blog post that will provide Real Magnet’s design tips for creating a mobile version of your message.

Step 4: Next, go to Tools and select Manage Web Version under Message Tools.  Follow the instructions for creating a link to the web version.  Use language such as “Click here for Mobile or Web version” or any other derivation you desire so recipients understand that both mobile and PC-optimized web versions of your message are available.  This functionality is an account-level setting so the language you use (and the link itself) will be included in every message emanating from the account.  Again, recipients who click the link via a mobile device will get the mobile version, and those that click from a PC, will get the standard web version.

If you have any questions or want further information, please contact us at support@realmagnet.com or at 301-652-5074.

PC version of sample message

PC version of sample message


View of mobile web  version of the same message