A new series of analytics is being added to Real Magnet as part of the Tools for Mobile Email release. Located on the Message Overview Tracking page, the new metrics report on the platforms recipients have used to view your message as well as their physical locations. These metrics provide added insight into recipient behavior and design guidance for creating messages for maximum impact. Below is an example of how the metrics are displayed on the main tracking page:


Mouse over any slice of any pie and the percentage of that slice is displayed.  Moreover, click any pie chart and a pop-up window is generated containing two graphs: an expanded view of the pie chart you clicked (based on unique interactions) and an additional pie chart based on gross interactions (see example below).

Here’s a description of each metric:

Email Clients – This metric provides a breakdown of the email clients recipients used to view your message.

% Mobile – This metric is a breakdown of the recipients viewing your message on mobile devices vs. PCs.

Mobile Device – This metric is a breakdown of the type of mobile operating systems recipients are using to view your messages.

Browser – This metric provides a breakdown of the browsers used by recipients who interacted with your message.

Geolocation – This metric provides physical location data of recipients who interacted with your message.



More detailed explanations of these metrics will be available in Real Magnet’s Help menu after the launch.  And you’re always encouraged to call customer support at 301-652-5074 or email support@realmagnet.com for answers to your questions.

** The metrics described above are based primarily on recipients opening (and sometimes clicking) your messages. Tracking opens is dependent on the display of images and inherently imprecise because many email clients (both PC and mobile) block images by default. Accordingly, these metric should be used only as an indicator of recipient activity.