Facebook has launched an overhauled messaging platform that now includes email in its’ arsenal.  Below are some of the new features and functionality that will be released on the new Facebook messaging platform.

Seamless Integration with Chat and SMS:

The focus of the new platform is  to provide a seamless integration between email, chat and SMS messaging.  Once an email is sent to the new user@facebook.com domain, the facebook platform automatically will send that email as a chat message if the user is online or an SMS text message if the recipient has added their phone number to their profile.  This chat integration is extended to outside instant message applications as well.

Facebook Messages

The Social Inbox:

Email is automatically sorted into 3 distinct inboxes: The Social Inbox, Regular Inbox and Junk Mail.  The Social Inbox is mail from a user’s Facebook connections and may be customized by the end user to include other important senders that may not be in the Facebook social graph.  The regular inbox will receive non-junk mail that users are sent, and of course the junk folder will host all the SPAM messages a user receives.

Conversation History:

Facebook’s conversation history will store all the messages sent through their system.  Chat Messages, texts and emails will be stored unless proactively deleted by the user. This is very similar to the way Gmail stores email and chat conversations.

Further Thought:

Clearly, this platform is seemingly designed for connecting with friends and for short messages that can be displayed easily in a chat window or text.  Seeing how longer form messages are displayed and viewed may make or break this system.  However, with over 500 million users Facebook has the potential to make a large splash in the email space.

Stay tuned for more information on how Facebook’s new messaging platform will impact your email marketing.