Here at Real Magnet, we’re continually adding new features and enhancing existing ones.  This post highlights some of the most recent enhancements.  They’re relatively minor, but important to note.  If you have any questions or would like further assistance with any of these features, please contact us at, or at 301-652-5074.

Link Directly from Content Creation Page to Send Message To Individuals (for testing):

We’ve added a link to the content creation page that takes you directly to the Send to Individual page.  Now it’s easier than ever to send a one off email or test messages.

  • On the content creation page, in the left navigation pane, you’ll see a new link “Send Message to Individual”.
  • Click on it and you’ll be taken directly to the Send Message to Individual page, where you can send a test message to one or more recipients.


Added Functionality to Reports Module

The option to view and sort by “last sent date” has been added to these three reports:  Highest Open Rate Messages, Lowest Open Rate Messages, and Open Rate (Define Range).  Additionally, you may include subject line data in the Comparative Report (see image below).  To include this data in your reports, click the modify icon and select the corresponding check box next to the field you want to add.

Real Magnet Reports - Add Subject Line

Email List Upload Results to Colleagues

You now have the ability to email the results of a list upload in Real Magnet to your colleagues.  On the list upload confirmation page, a new link labeled “Email this report” appears in the upper right corner.  Click it, and an email is generated that includes the following data points from the list upload:

  • Group Name
  • Total in group
  • Records in CSV file
  • Records already in database
  • New records added to database

Simply add the recipient email address(es) to the “to” field and click send.