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Deliverability: What You Need To Know (Prerecorded Webinar)

In the early days of e-mail, non-delivery could almost always be attributed to typos or brief network outages. Back then, if the e-mail was successfully sent, you could be nearly certain of delivery – and there was no such thing as a spam folder.

Flash-forward fifteen years: spam now comprises between 92 and 95% of all unfiltered e-mail worldwide, most of which is sent by highly organized criminal spam gangs using herds of infected desktops with broadband connections. ISPs have been locked in an arms race of ever-more sophisticated techniques and countermeasures to keep spam at bay, and to keep their customers from jumping ship.

The ISPs’ herculean efforts to keep inboxes clear of spam has been a great boon for e-mail marketers. It’s only through those efforts that e-mail has remained a viable, cost-effective channel for staying in touch with customers. But senders who find themselves on the wrong end of a filter or block list may be hard-pressed to muster much in the way of gratitude.

Spam, filters and block lists are clearly here to stay. To help senders navigate rough deliverability waters, Real Magnet presents its first Deliverability webinar. In this video we address a number of deliverability topics, including real-world advice you can implement today to help your newsletters and marketing messages get to the inbox more reliably, including:

The webinar was hosted by Real Magnet’s Senior Director of Deliverability Andrew Barrett, a former director of the world’s first subscription-based block list, and a former Executive Director of the non-profit spam watchdog group SpamCon Foundation. Watch it below!