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Written by Christina Inge (view original post)

Educational webinars are the lifeblood of many membership organizations—after all, providing educational opportunities are often part of an organization’s mission statement. Providing webinars is one of the most effective ways to expand the reach the reach of your educational programs, making time commitments or travel no barrier to attendance. But how do you ensure that expanded reach is as wide and far as possible? Marketing your programs is as important as ever, with so many educational options competing for people’s attention. Going a little beyond your traditional routes is relatively easy, and can pay big dividends in terms of greater signups and a more engaged audience.

1. Promote Your Virtual Events at Your Real-Life Events: After all, who’s the best audience for your next event? The audience for your current events! Perhaps attendees at your conference would love to continue learning once they go home. Maybe visitors to your half-day are wishing there were an easier way to get the continuing education points they need. Or perhaps they simply can’t get enough of your valuable, informative content. Either way, attendees at an event, whether it’s your major conference or a one-hour workshop, are in the perfect frame of mind to be receptive to a message about your other events. Print up attractive postcard-size promotions of your next webinar, perhaps with a discount code to make the effectiveness of the card easy to track.

2. Tweet About Your Event Early and Often: We’re pretty used to seeing tweets about face-to-face events, but tweets promoting webinars are a little less common, at least on some Twitter lists. Promote your webinar through frequent tweets, varying the topic and content of each tweet to avoid sounding spammy.

3. Add Refer-A-Friend Incentives and Buttons: Your attendees probably know at least a few colleagues who could benefit from your webinars—making it easy for them to encourage others to sign up. If you use any of the popular email marketing services out there, you should have buttons enabled to both forward emails to friends and share web versions of them on social media. If you outsource your emails, ask your email provider to add these buttons. Customers do use them. Better still, ask your emailed attendees to refer others—make a simple request as a call to action, with a link or button, in one of your promotional emails.

Promoting your webinars can be a complex process, but a few simple steps can pay off well in additional signups, additional revenue for paid webinars, and more visibility for your organization.