Study after study shows that the more email and social marketing campaigns are coordinated, the higher the success metrics in terms of exposure, conversions, and revenues. This summer, Real Magnet integrates the ability to create, publish, and track social marketing campaigns directly in Real Magnet.


Yes, it’s cool that you can create and publish your Facebook and Twitter content directly from the Real Magnet interface, but what’s more valuable is the tracking and analytics. You’ll be able to compare the performance of your social sites and email on a per campaign basis and/or across campaigns. You’ll also get subject matter and trend reports that will help you optimize your social campaigns and find the optimal blend of email and social tactics.

As part of this release, Real Magnet is also launching a Facebook Subscription Service. Embed a link on your Facebook page that will take visitors to a branded fan page with options for subscribing to your organization’s email offerings. Sign-ups are updated in your Real Magnet account automatically.

Stay tuned to our Real Insights blog for more updates on our social publishing release!