Keeping updated with the latest trends in email marketing and deliverability can be quite an arduous task. To make keeping current easier, we’ll be hosting quarterly webinars that speak to the latest trends in these areas. Check out the descriptions below and register today!

The Strategic Email Program: Taking the Long View of your Company’s Most Valuable Communications Asset
Hosted by: Mike May. Director of Insights
March 22, 2011 at 2:00 PM EST

Email marketing begins with strategy and requires a long view, patience and discipline. In an environment with urgent demands, daily sales targets and the need for immediate results, the lure to sacrifice the long-term health of an email program for short-term results is understandable. But the email marketer’s role is to steward, nurture and grow the company’s most valuable communications asset. This webinar shows email marketers how to balance the long-term health of the email program with the near-term needs of the organization. Learn to make the most of the emails you send today, while protecting the value of the emails you send tomorrow.

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Beyond Permission: Optimizing for Engagement
Hosted by: Andrew Barrett, Senior Director of Deliverability
March 31, 2011 at 2:00 PM EST

Late last year, Hotmail and Gmail issued re-designs of their flagship offerings that give priority delivery – even preferred positioning within the inbox – to mail its users find relevant and engaging. Broader adoption among the remaining free inbox providers and even among smaller recipient domains can’t be far behind. The world of deliverability has moved irrevocably beyond mere permission. In our new Deliverability webinar, Real Magnet will give you the action items you can take right now to optimize your e-mail for subscriber engagement, and get you the help you need for a higher inbox rate, opens, clicks, and ultimately ROI.

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