Email and social messaging are powerful communication channels.  They’re also highly complementary and when coordinated and deployed strategically the impact can be dramatic.  One of the main impediments to gaining that strategic perspective is that sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Real Magnet are disparate platforms that don’t talk to each other.

Real Magnet will roll out a solution that addresses the problem head on. Our Social Publishing and Analytics solution allows customers, essentially, to overlay their social world on to their Real Magnet account.  This major upgrade creates one centralized platform for managing your entire social and email marketing efforts. Think of the utility of creating and publishing your email and social content (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) from a single account!  Moreover, you’ll have access to a trove of analytics that provide insight into the performance of each channel as well as comparisons across channels.

This upgrade has three main dimensions:

View Your Social Feeds in Real Magnet
You’ll be able to view your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn feeds directly in the Real Magnet interface – the hassle of jumping from site to site is eliminated.

Create and Post Social Content in Real Magnet
Customers will be able to create content for their social sites and post to them directly from the Real Magnet platform.  Social content can be created independent of an email message (a “Quick Post”) or associated with one.  Using the Quick Post functionality, a message can be posted to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn from any page in Real Magnet.   Simply select the account to post to, input your content and click the Post button to publish.


Using the QuickPost functionality, customers can see their social feeds and create
a one-time updates to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

We’re also introducing functionality to allow customers to link any QuickPosts with email messages, so their tracking data can be viewed together as part of a single campaign.

Customers can also associate updates with an email message.  After creating the email, customers can create content for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts very similar to the way text and mobile web versions are created today.  When it’s time for distribution, the messages can go out in unison, or independently.


Social and email content can be associated.  The content is created similar to how a text version is generated. Moreover, with associated content customers get comparative tracking.

View Tracking and Analytics
Real Magnet takes the data from your social sites and combines it with data generated by your social and email communications.  The result is a powerful set of tracking reports that allows customers to contrast and compare the effectiveness of the different channels on a per message and per campaign basis.  Below is only a sample of the type of reporting customers will see.

Compare Performance Across Social and Email Channels

Tracking capabilities will allow users to compare and contrast activity
across all email and social channels…


…View activities related to a single channel…


…and reports that pull data from your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts.

If you have any questions or comments about this summer’s Social Release, please contact your sales representative or Real Magnet’s Sales Division at 301-652-5074, or email