Real Magnet’s Link Labels functionality allows customers to track the performance of a link (or links) within a message, across messages, and even across accounts.  This is a powerful tool for customers who want/need to:

  • Provide comprehensive performance reporting to advertising partners
  • Track the performance of a link or links across messages and/or accounts to gauge recipient interest
  • Measure the performance of a link or links based on positioning within a message, and much more.

With this feature, users create “labels” that are used to group links together for tracking purposes.  Here’s how it works:

First, create  Link Label Categories. Categories are user-defined containers that hold values germane to the category.  Values, which are also user-defined, are terms that are meaningful to you around which link label tracking can be grouped.

To create and manage Link Label Categories, go to the tools tab and select Manage Link Label Categories.  Type the name of a Category and click GO. This creates the Link Label Category.


To create Category Values, click the Category Values icon (far right column). You can add a new value (top text box) or edit or delete an existing value.  A Category titled “Advertiser” can list each of your advertisers.  Another Category called “Campaigns” can list any values you use to define your campaigns, as in the example below.

Real Magnet- Link Label Values

Adding Link Labels to a Message

The next step is to associate a Link Label with an actual link in a message.  From the main editor, click on Enhanced Link Labels link at the top of editor. (Note: As of 5/2011, this functionality is not yet available in Active Preview templates).

Real Magnet- Add Text

You’ll see a preview of the message.  Click on the target link and a pop-in window appears which gives users the option to apply an existing link label or create a new one (see image below).

By selecting an existing Link Label, the categories and values associated with the label are populated in the pull-down menus. Click Submit to associate the label with the link.  To create a new link label, name it by adding a value to the Create New Link Label text box, and from the pull-down menus select values for any category you want associated with the link label.   Click Submit to associate the new label with the link.

At any time, users can add a one-time value to a category by adding the value name to the right side text box. To add the value as a pull-down menu option for future use, select the Add to Default check box .


Tracking  Link Labels

The real value of this feature is the tracking data it generates.  There is virtually no limit to the number of Link Labels that you track. Go to the Track tab and select Track Link Labels option from the left side navigation.  This page presents a list of all of the link labels created in your account.  Its easy to filter this list to isolate and identify those Link Labels you want to track.  Do so by: 1) adding keywords to the Search for Link Labels text box, 2) sorting columns in ascending or descending order by clicking the column title, 3) using the date search function, or 4) using the advanced sorting function. 


Its important to note that this functionality can be used retroactively – meaning link labels can be applied to messages that have already been sent!

Viewing Link Label Tracking

After clicking Submit, you’re taken to the main Link Label tracking page.  The following information is displayed for each Link Label:

  • Link Label Name
  • Category Values
  • Message Name
  • URL
  • Date Sent
  • Delivered
  • Opened
  • Clicked
  • Unsubscribed
  • Bounce

Note here that the Clicked metric accounts for clicks on the link associated with the Link Label, only (not all links in the message).  All other performance metrics behave as they normally do in Real Magnet’s tracking. Any column can be removed from the report by click the “X” next to the column name.  Columns that were removed can be re-added by selecting the Show All Columns icon.


Click the Message Name and you can compare the performance of the message, including the clicks for that message only, to performance of the Link Label.  The example below shows links in the message were clicked 307 recipients, while all clicks on the link associated with the label “Dow Spring Footer” has been clicked 393 times.

Message Detail

Comparing Link Labels

Use Link Label tracking to view the aggregate performance of a link across messages (like in the example above), and to compare the performance of links.  To do the latter, select the Link Labels you wish to compare and click on the Submit button.

Track Compare

In this example, a link in the right side bar is compared across two different campaigns (Spring and Summer).  While the open rates are similar, the performance of the clicks in the Spring campaign is about 3 times greater than the Summer campaign.


This completes the Link Label tutorial. To use it, it must be enabled in your account.  To do so, or if you have any questions, please contact customer support at 301-652-5074 or email