Real Magnet

Email+Social Webinar: Wed. at 2 pm ET – Sign up!

Email and social messaging are powerful communication channels. They’re also highly complementary and when coordinated and deployed strategically the impact can be dramatic. One of the main impediments to gaining that strategic perspective is that sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Real Magnet are disparate platforms that don’t talk to each other. This summer, Real Magnet will roll out a solution that addresses the problem head on.

Join us for a webinar June 29th at 2 p.m. ET for a preview of our new Social Publishing and Analytics module.

Our Social Publishing and Analytics solution allows customers to overlay their social world onto their Real Magnet account. This major upgrade creates one centralized platform for managing your entire social and email marketing efforts. Think of the utility of creating and publishing your email and social content (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) from a single account! Moreover, you’ll have access to a trove of analytics that provide insight into the performance of each channel, as well as comparisons across channels.

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