Real Magnet

Fast Account Switching For Sub-Accounts

For those of you with sub-accounts, we know how important it is to switch quickly back and forth between accounts.  In the previous method, to switch to a sub-account, you had to go hunting for it in the tools tab.  With this latest enhancement, you now have fast access to all your sub-accounts from a quick drop down list from any page in Real Magnet.  If your account has the parent-child structure, a link labeled “accounts” will appear in the administrative navigation at the top of every page.

Once you select Accounts, you will be given a drop down menu that allows you to view and quickly gain access to any of your sub-accounts.  Once you select the account and choose Go, you’ll be put directly into that sub-account.

If you have any questions on Fast Account Switching for Sub-Accounts or are interested in learning about sub-accounts in general, please contact us at or at 301-652-4025.