Real Magnet

New Additions To The Template Library

Have you taken a look at our library of free templates?  Real Magnet’s Template Library is comprised of more than 60 eye-catching, easy-to-use templates. All Template Library templates use Real Magnet’s Active Preview technology which allows you to create and edit content within discrete template zones.

Our new addition is the blank category which we’ve added six templates to. These blank templates allow complete customization of all content zones which offers you the maximum amount of flexibility during your message creation.

The Template Library is comprised of the following categories:

Are new additions are below:  (Click on the images to view in full size).

To create a message using a Template Library template, go to the Messages Home Page by clicking the Messages tab. Input a name for your message in the text box beneath the Create New Message header and click the GO button.

On the Template Selection page, click the Template Library link in the left navigation pane and you’re taken to the Template Library Selection page. Here the different template categories are presented. Click one time on a category and the page expands to display the templates available in that category.

Click the Select button that corresponds to the template you want to use and you’re taken to a new message with the template applied to it.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact customer support by emailing or calling 301-652-5074.