The Quick Post socialicon functionality in Real Magnet provides a way to quickly view and deploy social posts.

Depending on your permission level you will be able to perform the following functions:

  • View social feeds
  • Create social content

View Social Feeds in Real Magnet

With a single click you are able to see all of your social media within your Real Magnet account. The View Social Feeds permission allows you to do the following:

  • View your social feeds
  • Toggle between different Twitter and Facebook accounts (if your company has provisioned more than one), and
  • Toggle between different social channels (i.e. Twitter and Facebook)

You can also access key functionality native to each channel. For instance, in Twitter you can check Timeline, @Mentions, and Retweets. Also, you can mark each tweet as a Favorite or Retweet it.

To view your social feeds in Real Magnet, click the Social icon socialicon located in the upper left corner of every page.

Social Widget

This will cause the social widget to expand.

Toggling Between Different Accounts

Social Magnet let’s you toggle between multiple accounts in each channel (assuming your company has provisioned more than one account).  For example, in the Twitter feed below, two accounts have been provisioned: Marketing and Customer Service.  From the pull-down menu, simply select the account you want to view.

Switching Accounts

Toggling Between Different Channels

Social Magnet also let’s you toggle between channels.  Click the Twitter or Facebook tab to view the feeds in that channel.

Switching Social

Accessing Functionality Within Each Channel

Within each channel you have access to key functionality. In the Twitter feed below, you can view your Timeline, @Mentions, and Retweets. In addition, you can mark a tweet as a Favorite, Retweet it, or Reply to it.

Twitter Social

With Facebook you can Like or Comment on a post.

Facebook Actions

When you are done viewing your feeds, click the Social icon on the side to close the widget.

Creating and Posting Social Content

To create and post content via the Quick Post, select your Social channel of choice and the specific account you want to post to (if you have more than one), then click Post towards the top of the Social widget.


This expands the Post section to display a text box and other functionality.  Type your content into text box.

Open Post

For Twitter you must adhere to a 140 character limit. For Facebook, the character limit is 420.  If you go over the character limit, the character count under the lower right corner of the text box will go into the negative and the Post button will be disabled.

You can also include URLs in your tweets and posts by using our Link Shortener. This link shortener allows analytics to be collected on click-throughs in your social content. To add a link, click the Hyperlink icon at the bottom left corner of the text box.  An Insert Link pop-up appears. Type in your URL and click the Insert button.


You also have the choice of adding a link to a Message that has already been created in Real Magnet (for instance, if you’ve created a newsletter and want to post a link to it on Facebook and/or Twitter). In the Insert Link pop-up window, click the Messages tab and from the drop down list, select a Message. When you’re done, click Insert and the shortened links will be inserted.

Insert Link

Social Magnet also let’s you associate a Quick Post with a Real Magnet email Message or a Message Category for purposes of comparative tracking.  By associating the Quick post with a Real Magnet email Message, you can compare the performance of the Tweet or Facebook post to the associated email message.  To make the association, simply select the message from the Messages drop down.


If you have Real Magnet’s Campaign Categories functionality enabled, you will be able to associate the tweet or Facebook post with a self-defined Campaign Category.  Just select the Campaign Category from the pull-down menu and when the content is posted, it will be incorporated into the Campaign.  For more information on Campaign Categories, click here.


When you are finished creating your content, click Post.  Your social content will be published immediately.

This completes this tutorial on Quick Posts. If you have any questions, contact us at, or call 301-652-5074.