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Welcome to Social Magnet Central – your comprehensive resource for information on Real Magnet’s Social Magnet release. Below you will find tutorials addressing the various dimensions of Social Magnet.

Social Magnet is a full integration of Facebook and Twitter (and soon, LinkedIn) with Real Magnet, allowing you to fully manage your social and email activity from a single platform!  In addition to this convenience, you get unprecedented analytics that compares and contrasts the effectiveness of the various channels – helping you identify the perfect marketing mix

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  • Adding Social Accounts to Real Magnet and Permissions
    Learn about connecting your social accounts to Real Magnet and the end-user permissions available to Admin Users.
  • Quick Post
    Quick Posts are one method by which users can post content to their social sites via Social Magnet.  Learn about Quick Posts in this  short tutorial.
  • Creating and Deploying Messages via the Messages and Send Tabs
    Social Magnet lets you create social content (or combined email and social content) the conventional way – via the Messages Tab. Similarly, you can schedule and deploy social and email content via the Send tab.
  • Social Reports and Analytics
    Social Magnet gives you unprecedented analytics that compares and contrasts the effectiveness of your various communications channels (email, Twitter, Facebook, etc.). This tutorial walks you through the new, powerful reporting that is available in Social Magnet.
  • Social Metrics on the Tracking Page
    Like all other messaging vehicles available in Real Magnet, social content is trackable. Learn about the tracking metrics users have access to in this brief tutorial.
  • Message Categories
    This new functionality lets you group together email and social messages for reporting purposes. Emailing, Tweeting, and posting to Facebook for a specific event or production promotion? Use a Message Category to associate them and avail yourself to in-depth, comparison reporting.