Like everything else in Real Magnet, your social messaging is trackable.

Metrics for social content that is associated with an email message can be viewed on the main message Track page.  To access a message’s tracking, click the Track tab, click one time on the message you want to track, and click the red Track button.  Towards the bottom of the page, you’ll see separate grids for Facebook Metrics and Twitter Metrics.


Here you can see all of the metrics associated with your Facebook post or Tweet.  Additionally, by clicking one of the Details icons, you’ll be presented with the metrics for that specific post or tweet.  Below, you see the Overview details of a tweet.  


You can also access details on Retweets and Clicks by clicking the appropriate links in the upper left.


A details view of a Facebook post looks like the image below. You can access details on CommentsLikes, and Clicks by clicking the appropriate links in the upper left.


You can access the metrics for social content that is not associated with an email through the Track Social link on the left navigation bar of the main Track page.


Click it and you’re taken to a page displaying all of your social posts. You can sort them by Post, Channel, Account, Real Magnet Message, Campaign and Date posted.


By clicking the Details icon d or double clicking the post, you can drill down and get the details of a particular Facebook post or tweet (see images above).

This completes the tutorial.  If you have any questions, contact support at or call 301-652-5074.