Social media – like email – is inexpensive, scalable, immediate and promises a tremendous ROI. It is no wonder that email marketers are looking for ways to integrate social with email to extend reach, deepen engagement and boost results.

Social Magnet is the solution. For the first time, marketers can use cross-channel analytics to quantify how much email, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are contributing to results. No more guessing, assumptions or missed opportunities. Data-driven and actionable, Social Magnet is nothing less than a full integration of the most important social channels into Real Magnet.

View Cross Channel Analytics

Comparative Reports

Social Magnet’s cross-channel analytics is the game changer in email + social integration.

  • Learn how much email, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are each contributing globally towards marketing results.
  • Associate social messages to emails in order to attribute clicks to each channel.
  • Track by category to see if Twitter is better than email for webinar promotions, or if Facebook is the best place to promote your latest blog.
  • Social Magnet also includes social analytics not available through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, including daily follower trends, engagement metrics, a calendar view, geolocation metrics and mobile usage.

View Your Social Feeds

View feeds/post content to social sites directly from the Real Magnet interface

View feeds/post content to social sites directly from the Real Magnet interface

Social Magnet includes a comprehensive dashboard to view all your social feeds from all your organization’s social accounts in one place.

  • Twitter timelines, mentions and retweets
  • Facebook news feeds including all Likes and Comments
  • LinkedIn updates


Create and Post Social Content

Join the conversations you monitor by posting content to any of your social channels directly from Real Magnet. More than just a social dashboard, however, Social Magnet is part of the same Real Magnet application used to create email messages, allowing for fully integrated digital communications management, tracking and analysis.

  • Tweet or retweet messages
  • Post to Facebook
  • Share updates on LinkedIn
  • Add trackable links to posts in any channel
  • Attach any post to a specific email message or to a category for even narrower analytics and attribution
  • Schedule messages in advance for any channel

Enterprise Level Functionality

Social Magnet allows for a virtually unlimited number of users and accounts, allowing for enterprise level management of your entire digital communications program. As more organizations mobilize staff and teams to support social channels, Social Magnet is already prepared to orchestrate and analyze.

Grow Your Audiences and Deepen Engagement

Other Real Magnet features allow for even deeper integration across digital channels:

SWYN: Add Share With Your Network (SWYN) links to email messages to allow your subscribers to post your content to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Facebook Page Subscription Form: Add a custom email subscription form to your Facebook page, bringing social users straight into your house list for increased targeting and pan-channel engagement.