Real Magnet

Chris Arrendale Joins EEC Deliverability & Compliance Roundtable

Chris Arrendale, Real Magnet’s Senior Director of Deliverability & ISP Relations, covers for our clients some of the bigger deliverability issues right here on the blog, and also on Twitter at @Arrendale. And now he is expanding his deliverability purview industry-wide as an invited member of the Email Experience Council’s Deliverability & Compliance Roundtable.

Chris’ role on the roundtable is not unlike what we task him with here – act as a liaison between the sending and receiving community with the aim of keeping the lines of communication open and working towards standards that make email work better for all of us. The difference is that the EEC helps amplify senders’ voices by expressing concerns with the collective weight of many organizations. Chris’ role also includes Real Magnet in standard-setting conversations from the very outset, giving us – and our clients – greater visibility into the trends shaping email, and how they will impact our day-to-day lives as email marketers.

The Roundtable doesn’t just meet and talk, however. Every year they produce a new research report or whitepaper on the issue they’ve identified as central to email deliverability and compliance. Previous reports include “How to Revive a Stale Email List,” “The Deliverability Resource Guide,” and “The State of Email Metrics.”

The Roundtable meets every third Thursday. We expect a full report, Chris.