You want your newsletter read by as many people as possible, right? So take the web version and post it online – on your Facebook page, over Twitter, on your LinkedIn company page, or anyplace else you have an audience. You might not know exactly who is reading it, but you are at least expanding its audience. Be sure you’ve got a link to your Subscribe page in the body of your email as well, so those people who are seeing it out in the wild know how to get it in their own inboxes as well.

Advanced tip: Set up an internal email address like Create a group within Real Magnet that includes only this address, and mail to this group along with your regular newsletter group. Take the web version from the inbox of to post on the web. Now when you track the results of your newsletter, you can filter out the group to see your results from your subscribers, and then filter out your newsletter group to see the lift in click-throughs you received from your online version.

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