It’s not uncommon for newsletter subject lines to simply use a date or volume number, like:

Association Monthly, February 2012
Company Newsletter, 2-27-12

Subscribers who are engaged with your brand will open these newsletters based on the sender and subject line alone, but marginally engaged subscribers may need a little nudge. Give it to them by adding a little bit onto the subject line that better telegraphs the content in this week’s or month’s newsletter, such as:

Association Monthly, February 2012: Legistlation Update, New Regional Dinner Dates
Company Newsletter, 2-27-12: Research Reveals 12% Increase in Flux Capacitor Demand

More detailed subject lines will work with your regular readers, and will also help pull in some new audience, particularly if the details you include are chosen effectively. Yes, it takes another couple minutes of work, but isn’t a boost in open rates worth it?

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