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Monitor Your Email Marketing Replies

One of my biggest pet peeves is receiving an email from a major brand and seeing that they use a noreply@ email address. Seriously?! It is 2012 and some email marketers still use a noreply@ email address. The goal is to get your subscribers engaged about your brand and to have a conversation. Your subscribers may want to ask questions about your promo offers, have rendering issues with your email, or just want to pass along complaints or compliments.

Many email marketers that I talk to state that they don’t want to check multiple email addresses. One way to help is to set up an email forward so that replies go back to your main email inbox so that you can respond to any replies. The goal is to monitor these emails and respond no matter how many inboxes you have to check.

Not monitoring your reply email address could have other deliverability implications. Some people will not click the unsubscribe link and will reply to your email asking to be removed. Make sure that you honor these requests and suppress them. The last thing you want is for these people to click the spam button later and hurt your IP and domain reputation.

Another important reason to monitor your reply email address is if your email is sent to a domain where they never signed up for your email, the mail administrator may try to contact you at the reply email address. This could be a crucial moment because if you don’t respond back, they may report you to a blacklist and/or try to contact the Email Service Provider or Data Center to complain about your email. This ultimately goes back to list hygiene and sending email to only those that have signed up for it.

Until next time, stay relevant, stay engaged, and get delivered!