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Why URL Shorteners Are a Bad Idea for Email Marketers

Here at Real Magnet, the deliverability team scours through bounce logs on a daily basis to gather details as to why our customer’s emails are bouncing. One bounce trend that we continue to see is customers that use URL shorteners in their email marketing content. Many major blacklists have blacklisted URL shorteners like and and networks will block those emails that contain them.

URL shorteners are a service, paid or free, where you enter in the full URL in a text box and it will shorten it. The shortened URL will point to the same site as the original URL, but the URL will be a lot shorter. Social networking sites that have a character limit can benefit from URL shorteners. The problem with that is many spammers also use this service to point to a malicious web site that may install a virus, malware, and/or steal information from you. Spammers are also creating their own URL shorteners and using them when their current shortener gets blacklisted. The issue is the end user that clicks the URL shortener link will not know where the link takes them until the page and full URL has loaded.

For email marketers, getting your emails delivered is of utmost importance. Testing your content and URLs should be a part of your email marketing plan. Remember to use full URLs when you can and avoid URL shorteners. Until next time, stay relevant, stay engaged, and get delivered!