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Emailioration Monday, 3-12-12: Show an Example of Your Newsletter at Signup

This week’s Emailioration Monday tip is to give an example of your newsletter at your signup form, so that your subscribers can see exactly what they’re in for. If they’ve gotten this far, mostly what they want is some reassurance that your “newsletter” is just that, and not a ploy to get their email address for whatever promotional purposes a marketer less scrupulous than yourself may be capable of. You can use a link to a web version of the email, or a thumbnail image that enlarges to a full size view of a newsletter saved as a life-size JPG, easily read on the screen.

Providing an example of your newsletter ends up doing double duty. Not only can it boost your conversion, but when would-be subscribers inspect your newsletter your odds of them reading the whole thing increase. So whatever hooks you have at the bottom or the corners won’t escape their attention. This can increase their anticipation, making them better qualified subscribers from the outset. This may boost your engagement metrics as well.

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