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Emailioration Monday, 3-19-12: Send Email from a Person, not a Team

I don’t know if we have social media or simple human nature to thank for this, but increasingly your customers and prospects expect to be treated like people, not target lists. One way to accomplish this is to send your emails from an actual person, instead of signing off “Sincerely yours, The Company ABC Customer Care Team.” Signing your emails from a nameless faceless committee is tantamount to using a Do Not Reply email address, as there is nothing in the message that leads your audience to believe that there’s a real person on the other end who can answer their questions. The email may still appeal to your audience, but you’ve used up some engagement in the process, when you could have been adding to it.

Who the email comes from depends on what the email is about. Conference promotions can come from the programming director or department head, while newsletters can come from almost anybody in the organization. What is most important is to tie the sender to the content in a way that s/he appears to be an authority on the topic, able to respond to questions and with deeper details at the ready. Consistency is also important; whomever you choose, use the same person each time for a given message type.

Remember also that your secondary objective for each email – for the 90%+ who do not click-through – is to build anticipation for the next email. If your subscribers like the person who is sending them emails, they are more likely to open and read subsequent messages, even if they didn’t find anything to click this time around.

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