Want to arrest your audience’s attention without resorting to fire sale pricing? Try taking a different 25% off – of your copy length. Once you’ve written your email as succinctly and clearly as you can, run a word count and then multiply that number by .75. That’s your new word count limit. Rewrite your copy until it fits into the new limit, without giving up any of the clarity and focus.

You may find, in fact, that the shorter length gives your message even more clarity and focus. Without length limits, emails suffer from scope creep and message dilution. Enforcing a word limit that is 25% less than what you came up with the first time around compels you to examine your objective closely, and find the quickest route to achieving it.

Remember, your audience may love hearing from you, but they may also be lending their attention to a hundred other senders, 200 Facebook fans and 150 Twitter feeds. The best way to take advantage of the attention they extend you is to respect and conserve it.

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