Linkedin is now available to Social Magnet users!  The integration provides complete group management and statistics for all your Linkedin groups.

Group Management

Choose which groups to import into Social Magnet!  There is no limit to the number of groups that you can have.

Our permissions model also allows complete control of the Linkedin groups imported into Social Magnet. You have the flexibility to select which groups users should have the ability to view and post to.

View Group Discussions

Our integration with Linkedin puts you in the pilot seat for discussion management.  All this functionality is found under our Quick Post icon.

  • View all the posts for the groups you own and any of the groups you’re a member of
  • Toggle between the most recent discussions and the ones most popular with your group members
  • View all the comments on a particular discussion post
  • Capability to like any of the comments and discussion topics

Engage in the Conversation

Jumping into the conversation allows your organization to spark discussion and control the tone of your organization’s Linkedin groups.  With the Linkedin integration in Social Magnet you can:

  •  Create discussion topics
  • Comment on members replies
  • Create custom short URLs with associated tracking data

Track the Trends

Another attribute of the Linkedin integration is the embedded analytics for all your groups pages.  Want to know if your group is growing, the demographics of your groups members and the activity trends?  We’ve got you covered.

Contact Us!

Have questions about Social Magnet or the Linkedin integration? Email us at or call at 301-652-4025.