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Emailioration Monday, 4-16-12: Ask For Less

Many marketers use their emails as direct response vehicles, designed to drive conference or webinar registrations, sell reports or renew memberships. But the inbox is not where the transaction takes place; that usually happens on the website, where the “Register” or “Buy Now” or “Renew Here” buttons are accompanied by pages full of complementary content, designed to merchandise the product sold and remove all the barriers to the desired transaction.

So really, we’re not trying to sell with our emails – we’re only trying to encourage our audience to click through them to our websites, which are better equipped with content and functionality to close the sale. Instead of including a hard sell within our email copy, like “Register now!” or “Buy here,” try instead asking your readers to take the smaller step they need to follow anyway in order to complete the purchase. “Learn more” or “Preview Report here” or some other call to action that doesn’t require them to get out their credit cards may be more effective at bringing them to the page that will seal the deal.

Ultimately, your email’s job in direct response is to pre-qualify prospects and put them in a position to buy. Aligning your copy with these objectives recruits more people to your sales funnel, and lets email and your website each perform the jobs they which best suit them.

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