Most email marketers look at their metrics in the 24 or 48 hours after they send a message, since the email is fresh in their mind and they are anxious to see how they’ve done. The objective of your email metrics, however, is not to just to tell you how your last message performed. Rather, their higher calling is to improve your next email. So in addition to seeing how you did in the day or two after you send, take another look at the metrics right before you compose the next message to the same audience. Focus particular attention on what content in the message drove the most clicks, and use Click-View Tracking to see where in the message the best (and worst) performing links were located.

Having these results fresh in your mind when you write your next message helps you select and organize content that you know your audience is likely to respond to, and can also break you through the copywriter’s block that sometimes occurs when you’re looking at an empty body copy field.

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