Social Magnet has been adding new features and functionality at a rapid pace and we don’t want you to miss out on any of the awesome new capabilities.

New Capabilitites

  • Twitter Search
  • Infinite Scroll for Twitter (Timelines, Mentions, Retweets and Search)
  • Custom Domains for Shortened URLS
  • Scheduled Posts (from the Quick Post)
  • Recurring Posts (from the Quick Post
  • Social Event Conversion Reporting (View conversions from Email, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and the web)

Details are below!

Twitter Search

Twitter Search

The Quick Post widget now supports real time searching on Twitter! Simply click search and enter in a hashtag, keyword, link or phrase and return all the matching posts.

Infinite Scroll for Twitter (Timelines, Mentions, Retweets and Search)

Want to see older posts in your timeline?  With our infinite scroll you can load previously posted tweets from your followers without any limit.  This infinite scroll functionality is present in the timeline, mentions, retweets and search views.

Custom Domains for Shortened URLs

Want to brand the link in your social posts?  Coordinate with us on using a domain you own and we’ll create links that have your corporate brand in them.  For more information contact us (301.652.5074 or at!

Scheduled Posts (from the Quick Post)

Scheduled posts can now be created directly from the Quick Post widget within Social Magnet.  Once you click on the calendar icon you’ll be presented with a view that allows you to schedule the month, day and time of your social post.

Scheduled Post

Once a date is selected you can schedule that post by clicking the schedule button.

Example Scheduled Post

Recurring Posts (from the Quick Post)

After scheduling a post you have the option to schedule that content to be posted again, and again. It is important to note that the link in all posts will be the same.  This means the metrics for all these posts will be the aggregate metrics and there will be no unique metrics for each particular occurrence. 

Social Event Conversion Reporting

If you’re a Real Magnet Event’s module user you have power analytics built into the module.  With our new Social Conversion reporting you can view the number of registrants converting from Email, Social Media and the web.  This allows you to view which channel converts at a higher percentage and provides vital info on how to structure your marketing campaign for future events.

Social Event Conversion Report

Questions or comments?  Contact us!  301.652.5074 or at