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Emailioration Monday, 5-7-12: Reserve Unique Content for Emails

One of email’s primary functions is to call attention to drive people to some product or piece of content on your website – a webinar registration, blog article or new product information. Email works well in this capacity – to serve the interests of your other media. It merchandises your content well and can drive traffic effectively.

Don’t forget, however, that email is also a medium all its own. Reserving some pieces of unique content which only appear within your emails will help build anticipation and underscore the stand alone value of the email channel. For example, if you run a sweepstakes or promotion, announce the winner only within your email newsletter. Run client or member interviews in email exclusively, or publish a relevant weekly statistic or data point there. I know it is tempting to push all our content out through as many channels as we can, but the long-term view requires that we also focus on what value we can add to the channels we rely on, not just the value we can extract from them.


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