Many emails are written to try and include something for everyone, with content aimed at multiple roles, functional responsibilities, levels of seniority or interests. I understand the logic: if subscription is open to everyone, we had better include something for every person who subscribed, so they don’t find zero value aimed at them and then unsubscribe.

But attention is at an all time premium, so a nod to each segment in your subscription list may no longer be enough to keep them engaged. Now is the time to begin experimenting with narrow content aimed expressly at the segments of your list who are the most strategically important. Aim to make your newsletter not just unoffensive, but must-read for the people who matter to you most.

If that just isn’t possible because you have many disparate constituencies you need to continue to serve, launch niche newsletters for each of them, focusing solely on what is most relevant to each group. Remember that your objective is not to get your newsletter read, but to keep your audience engaged.

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