As marketers, much of the work we do is around positioning, promoting and otherwise selling our key products. We see where they sit in the competitive landscape and make adjustments so that they possess some unique appeal. We identify appropriate channels of distribution – either for the products themselves or for the marketing messages that promote them. And we use every point of customer contact to extol their virtues and remind our customers how, where and why they can buy from us.

If newsletters are an important communications tactic for your brand, why not apply the same energy and skill towards boosting their adoption as you do towards selling your company’s key products? Here are a few quick ways to start:

1. Give your newsletter a name: A name allows you to brand your newsletter, which lends gravitas as it demonstrates to your readership that it is worthy of its own moniker. Think your newsletter doesn’t lend itself to a name? If my county’s Department of Sanitation can call their weekly newsletter “The Paperless Airplane,” yours deserves a brand too.

2. Promote it in house ads: Most companies have some internal media used to promote upcoming conferences, webinars,  launches and other revenue-generating products. Dedicate some of those ad impressions to your newsletter, using house ads designed with as much care as the rest of your creative. This will not only boost your subscriber base, but seeing the brand on the website and in the inbox will help build anticipation for your newsletter with your existing subscribers.

3. Set goals: If you’re planning a conference, you know how many exhibitors, sponsors and registrations you need to be successful. Create similar growth goals around your newsletter: number of new subscribers, total number of subscribers, number of reads and/or clicks per month, etc.  Creating and monitoring goals helps ensure you keep the pressure on with the newsletter, and that it gets the attention it deserves as a meaningful part of your communications program.

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