The more your subscribers anticipate your email, the higher your open, click and conversion rates. You can build anticipation in many ways, including promoting upcoming newsletters through your social channels or on your website. But the inbox itself is also an excellent channel to promote upcoming emails, as demonstrated by The Clymb, a daily deals retailer specializing in outdoor sports. Their regular alert emails typically include promotion at the bottom of “Coming Up Next” brands and sales.

Today, however, I received something new from them that was unexpected and effective enough to make the centerpiece of this week’s email tip. Instead of using an existing message to promote upcoming sales, The Clymb sent an email focused exclusively on the sales that will start this week. That is, it is an email telling me what emails I can expect from them over the next few days. Have a look:

Click to enlarge.

You don’t have to be a Daily Deals retailer to build email anticipation through email, though part of what makes this tactic work is that what will be offered is not yet available. A similar approach in marketing conferences might be an email that goes out a few days before registration opens, announcing that the first 100 registrants will receive $100 off their full conference fee. Or a magazine publisher might partner with an advertiser on a giveaway, and use an email a few days before the sweepstakes opens to build anticipation around the prize.

Building anticipation requires dedication and some creativity, but the payoff in engagement is almost always worth it.

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