Best Practices, or doing what you and others in the email business have learned over the years works well, are the safest way to manage your email program. We used to say in the IT Industry, “Nobody got fired for buying IBM.” Similarly in email, nobody is going to have some explaining to do in the marketing meeting if they just follow best practices. Best practices relieve marketers of the burden of exploration.

But you can’t break new ground without exploring, so sometimes the better practice is to chuck best practices out the window, and try something that seems less of a sure thing, and might even fail. If it does, at least you’ve learned something (which doesn’t happen when you’re following best practices – that learning existed long before you adopted that tactic). And if it doesn’t, you’ve found a way to zig when others zag. Maybe sending on Sunday isn’t such a bad idea after all, and subject lines longer than 8 words actually work better for you. You will not know until you try, and you will not move out of the meat of the bell curve without pushing the boundaries.

What should you try first? Start with something that unburdens your workload a little bit. Try copy that is a little more conversational than curated, or content that is repurposed from social or other media. If you can find something that takes less time but works just as well or better, you’ve already achieved something.

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