You have seen email advice articles I’m sure that advise marketers to make sure that the most important content within a message is “above the fold.” If the call to action or key content element is visible as soon as someone opens the email, the assumption is that the message has its best chance of succeeding.

But there is an assumption inherent in that piece of advice that bears challenging – that being that the space “above the fold” is where the greatest engagement is driven. This may not be true. The kernel of the recommendation then is to place your most engaging content wherever in your email drives the most engagement. It may be above the fold, or it may just as likely be in a sidebar, in pre-header text, the middle of the third paragraph or even in a postscript.

To figure out where your engagement hotspots are, use Click View tracking to see which sections of each message capture clicks, and then experiment with different content types in each of these sections. You may find your fold is not where you expected at all.

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